[blindkid] Braille Sense

hpscheffer at aol.com hpscheffer at aol.com
Fri Oct 29 13:18:07 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

My daughter 11yrs old and in 5th grade has a Braille Sense, she's had it since 2nd grade. It is how she does most of her work for school and reads. As it seems it does not have the memory she needs as her load gets bigger, more books on it etc. We are looking at the possibility to upgrade to a Braille Sense Plus, but not sure if they will be willing to invest in a new one. When the School system got hers 4 yrs. ago the thought was it will last her till high school. 
Does any one know if we can sell the one she has now? Any info would be greatly appreciated


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