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I would recommend contracted braille. There is a debate - of course 
:) - about whether or not contractions should be introduced from the 
beginning. As a braille reader myself, and as a teacher who has taught 
braille to learners of low and high intellectual abilities, I believe 
contracted braille is best from the beginning. The argument that blind 
children can't spell well because they learned contracted braille is 
quite false and blames children and braille. Braille users who can't 
spell well were simply not taught to spell by their teachers. So, 
there's no good argument not to teach contracted braille from the 

Also, putting contracted braille in print books does make it fit best 
and the book will get more use when it is passed around over the 
years. Blind adults as well as children will prefer to read it.


Heather Field
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I have sorted out some of our print books that we no longer need. I am 
going to make braille to go on the pages of the books for kids that 
could use print/braille books with pictures. However, I have a 
question regarding contracted and uncontracted braille. At what 
reading level would you change over? I have several beginning readers 
and up to some read on your own books, but don't know when to change 
over the format of braille. I can't remember what level my sons 
starting switching. Hoping someone could help me before I start on 

Thank you in advance;

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