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My daughter asked for me to post her reply to the parent seeking information about calculators (I believe it was for scientific graphing calculators).
Please see below.
Kim Cunningham

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My name is Kayleigh and I am a blind college student. When I was in high school I used a regular scientific calculator that was pluggged into a viewscreen which was then placed ontop of a lightbox. The viewscreen magnified the screen on the calculator. You could put the calculator underneath a cctv to enlarge the buttons and then have the viewscreen right beside it. There is also a $5 app for iphone/ipod touch/ ipad that is a talking scientific calculator. It has a built in voice and can also work well with Apple's built in screen reader VoicOver. The calculator app has a low vision setting where the buttons are high contrast. The app has a button to change signs (positive and negative), square roots, square, cube, a pi key (3.14). Feel free to email me off list if you have any other questions. kayleigh281 at gmail.com I hope that this helps. Here is a link to see a picture of the calculator and viewscreeen plugged in.

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I am new to this site and hope you will be able to give me some help with information. I have a child in 6th grade who has low vision, processing difficulty and Down Syndrome. In the past we have used large key calculators for Math. Now that she is in the higher grades we are in need of a "Scientific Calculator". I have only found a few that actually have all the keys we need that are large enough for her to see. They are rather expensive and I would prefer to buy just one that would also carry her through high school. Does anyone out there have any recommendations on calculators that do advanced functions. ( positive and negative numbers, algebra, etc.)

Thanks so Much,
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