[blindkid] What are your thoughts on coloring?

Meng, Debi Meng at sccompanies.com
Thu Sep 29 18:48:05 UTC 2011

What are your thoughts on coloring?   Jonathan is 6 years old and in
Kindergarten this year, he has no vision in his left eye and only light
perception in his right eye.  He cannot see the paper or the crayon.
Should the TVI be spending valuable time coloring?  He knows what
coloring is, he was in Early Childhood and 4K for 3 years.    He does
not enjoy coloring and will do anything not to have to sit and color.
He is being forced to sit and color until his paper is complete, which
is long after the other kids in the class have completed their color
page and moved on to other activities. 

There has to be other things that are more beneficial for him to be
working on.   Suggestions???

Debi, grandmother of Jonathan, ROP  - Wisconsin

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