[blindkid] Low Vision technology and Aides

Cheryl cherylrenee24 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 21:52:24 UTC 2012

      Does anyone have any suggestions for low vision aides for my three and a half year old daughter. She is in preschool currently. She has been diagnosed with LCA and Cvi and her current acuity is 20/120 with glasses in both eyes and is currently getting a full bifocal placed in her glasses as well, she is losing her color vision, as her cones are mostly effected in her eyes. Her macula is blunted and her iris is thin as well as her optic disc is pale. She has a tendency of fixating on lights in school, the community and in our home. I have placed mini Christmas lights on our stairs for lighting in our home due to her fixating on almost every other light source www have tried, she however still fixates on even the small ones. At school she is placing herself on the edge of her seat craning her neck over and placing her face into the object she is looking at. I understand with her macula being blunted that her detail vision would be low but I still want her to be able to use what vision she does have during daily experiences as well as being able to try to see the animals better while we are at the zoo or etc...if it is a possibility. She has a technology assessment coming up on April 19th but they had stated if I don't ask for it we won't get it for her, and I don't know about the technology available to assist her.

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