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Chantel, I wonder what defines the specific meaning of "Equitable Services". There always seems to be an "out" in these matters for the school systems.

The explanation here in our county was they only have to offer a certain amount of required support (budget wise) to the community (in the area(s) THEY choose, and that is it. Further reading does suggest the amount also relates to income level as you (or someone) suggested earlier. I am unclear if the specific people who get services  must qualify that way or not. (We were never told so if that is the case.) At a quick glance, I wondered if the amount is tied to budget based on community income levels but perhaps not the specific income levels of the particular student's family-- I saw something about the percentage of private school students who were from low income families being involved in what the LEA must offer. I'm mainly basing this on our experience with our child 5 years ago and a bit of web surfing, so everyone please take my suggestions as a possible area for further research only. There is much to read on this and it is complicated.

Here is one thing I just saw on-line about "Equitable Services":

"Services are considered to be equitable when the LEA meets the expenditure requirements in Sec. 1120(a)(4)"

Again, I'm no expert, but that sounds to me like there is a cap of some kind, and that goes right back to what we were told about 5 years ago here in Georgia. You might start with a Google search on Title I Education, and check further into Title I Sec. 1120(a)(4).

Our feeling was that Kendra's private school was becoming  resistant to working with us. While at first they seemed very willing to accommodate our needs, after a couple of years they seemed less and less anxious to continue to do so. As the years go by, at least as we have found to date, there is more and more to adapt and manage, so it gets harder and harder from the school's standpoint to keep up. They need more support and there is no mechanism in place to offer appropriate help. The last thing we wanted to do was try and force a situation with the school. That is hard enough with a public school, but the nature of a small private school that is reluctant to work with parents just seemed such that our best solution was to move to a public setting. Looking back, I expect that even if we'd had public school services to continue, at some point it would have been too much for the private school to deal with. For example, even with TVI and O&M support, what is the chance of getting the state to supply a paraprofessional at a private school if you need one?

We were very hesitant about changing to public school before pre-K. Looking back as we enter 4th grade, I think it was absolutely the best possible decision for our particular situation.

On Jun 1, 2012, at 5:32 PM, Chantel Alberhasky wrote:

> Note that school districts are still required to provide "equitable services" if a parent unilaterally enrolls a child into a not-for-profit private school.  
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> The school district pays for the services the child gets, that's why we pay taxes, when you choose to go to a private school the district will not pay for services.   I wish you luck it is a tough situation
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