[blindkid] re equitable services

Richard Holloway rholloway at gopbc.org
Sat Jun 2 02:22:16 UTC 2012

> It is my understanding that the school district does not have to provide services to every privately placed child nor does it have to spend a certain amount on each child.   If, for example, the district does not provide O&M to parentally placed children, then your child does not receive O&M.  

This lines up exactly with what we were told some years ago, though it wasn't just O&M or any other blindness related services they didn't offer here.

For parentally placed kids over age 5, at least two counties in our area (and I think a much larger number) simply puts all of those monies into speech therapy. Take it or leave it.

> A district is limited to how much federal funds it spends for privately placed children but they could use state funds (if state allows) to provide additional services.

Absolutely, but around here, most local districts are many millions of dollars in the hole and looking in every direction for places to cut spending. They collect their money by way of property taxes. Property values have dropped but so far they haven't gotten millage rates adjusted to compensate. If this is as typical as I expect across the country, voluntary assistance from most states is not a likely thing...

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