[blindkid] Homophones

Eleanor Robinson erobin8725 at aol.com
Wed Jun 27 19:14:42 UTC 2012

If you are interested in a game based on the sound-alike words, 7-128 Software has a game titled "Sounds Like".  It is a Windows based game and uses the SAPI voice you have on your computer.  The word is said, it is used in a sentence, and then the gamer has to spell it correctly.  If they are correct they go up a level.  If they are incorrect, they get the correct spelling and the other words that sound like that one and how they are spelled.  The game only costs $5.00 and can be downloaded from www.7128.com.  

There are over 500 sound alike words included in this game.   It is a great way to learn the sound alike words.

If you have any questions, please Email me at eleanor at 7128.com. 

Eleanor Robinson
7-128 Software

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