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In addition to Chantel's insights, I would add that the IDEA (the federal
law governing special education) requires that a child with a disability be
educated in the "least restrictive environment."  Removing a child from a
regular classroom in his/her neighborhood school is considered restrictive.
 This is appropriate, as Chantel said, when the nature of the service (such
as O&M) requires that more restrictive environment.

Please note, and remind your school, that convenience for and/or
availability of instructors, is NOT an appropriate factor for determining a
child's educational placement.

If this group only provides instruction at its own site, your school needs
to contract with a qualified instructor to rovide services to your daughter
in HER least restrictive environment.  This might be a pull-out instruction
in her home school, but it is not in the nature of brialle instruction to

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