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I greatly appreciate all the insight.  I  didn't mean it to sound like 
someone else should always teach my child daily  living skills, in fact our 
family, between four other kids older than him, have  helped to teach him a 
tremendous amount of skills.  Over the  summer I use checklists to work on 
skills such as laundry, chores and other  concepts.    The challenge is 
processing delays and the autism so it  takes many exposures. (things like brushing 
teeth and buttons are not  mastered yet at age 11).
 I have found that there is not one good thorough  resource for IEP goals 
for kids that are blind or visually impaired.(and that's  probably largely 
due to the diversity involved)    I have pieced  together things from 
different resources to educate myself and at times, my  team.  I also want to add 
that I have had an outstanding year with my  team and school.   He is the 
first totally blind child to attend  this elementary school and we have made 
fantastic progress, so much so that I  believe it is a model for other schools. 
As many parents can attest, we are the first and foremost  advocates for 
our children so we do look under every rock to make sure we are  doing this 
right.  For the professionals out there, thank you for all the  extra care and 
understanding you give to us as we journey with our kids.   Your 
willingness to join this list and give us your insight is  "priceless".
Your comments (and sharing of your experiences) have helped me  to realize 
that what they have proposed is reasonable and placed within the IEP  with 
the OT goals (although they are not specific) and his one week at Perkins  
(although I have asked for one more additional weekend), therefore I feel 
there  is no need to have additional goals (unless a specific issue arises).  
Your  honesty and different points (and links) are very helpful.
Carol, I read and reread your books before every IEP meeting  and this time 
around and I did request an independence timeline (he is only 30%  
"independent" in travel around the school at the end of 4th grade) and they are  so 
afraid he will "fall" or get lost.  They were excellent in understanding  
that he can do it and they need to let him do it, so progress has been  made!  
 So a huge thanks to you for the excellent resources you have  penned! 
Thank you all again and Happy Mother's Day to all you  mom's!

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I have sent parents the link to a goal bank for kids  of all disabilities 
.... bridges4kids.org/IEP/iep.goal.bank.pdf. There are  numerous domains and 
goals covered and many benchmarks listed under each  domain and goal. I have 
actually taken these into IEP meetings and sometimes  the team is 
receptive. This is a great tool for all our  kiddos!!!

I also applaud the words from Carol, Gayle and Susie!  

Good luck ....  

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Hello Everyone:

I am having a struggle with  ECC goals that are meaningful and  specific.  
have asked my  team to evaluate his current strengths as it  relates to 
these  goals.  Does anyone know of any specific resources  of IEP sample  
statements for ECC for a 5th grader?  The real struggle  is in  the 
independent and self advocacy area.  No one seems  to  want to touch 
teaching him 
home skills (other than four to five  tasks a year -  like opening a jar).

Thanks for your  input,

Christine   Duffley
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