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Tue May 15 23:21:25 UTC 2012

We had a similar situation and for the first couple of months, I walked home
with my daughter and her sighted friend. I personally do not think that
blindness is as big and issue as simply children being safe. If you would
feel that your children are safe walking home were they both sighted, then
you will want to feel that your blind child could also feel safe. If you
walk with them for several weeks and make sure that your daughter is using
good O&M techniques, then I would think that the two of them should be able
to walk home just fine. 
I'm guessing that you wouldn't even suggest they walk if the street was a
particularly busy one, but that is definitely something to consider as well.
Summer would be a great time to practice. Also, if your sighted child knows
just what your blind child should be doing, she may be able to alert you, if
that wouldn't cause too much contention between them, if your blind child is
becoming lax. It would be good to make sure they get along well also because
one child may try to be the boss over the other and cause some real
difficulties between them.
Best of luck. 
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