[blindkid] [Blindtlk] Fw: Mass. school electrocutes blind girl

Peter Donahue pdonahue2 at satx.rr.com
Mon May 21 14:41:38 UTC 2012

Good morning everyone,

    I'm originally from Massachusetts and am troubled to learn that if 
indeed this is true a place like this still exists. There was an outfit 
located in Jamaica Plane called the Boston Center for Blind Children which 
although they didn't use electric shock to punish students they used many 
other harsh methods such as holding someone in a take-down by lying them on 
their stomachs, pulling their hands behind their backs and sitting on them 
for what seemed like hours at a time. I know because it happened to me for 
three long years. Other harsh and abusive methods were used on occasion as 
well. If the JRC is the successor to the Boston Center For Blind Children 
it's a shame that this place is still in business. They should have been 
convicted of child abuse/endangerment and shut down many years ago.

    This is all the more the reason to establish strong NOPBC Affiliates in 
all 50 states including Massachusetts. It's better to have a national 
network of parents of blind children to set the standards for how blind kids 
are educated, and to serve as a "Watch-dog" to ensure that outfits like the 
BCBC and the JRC are put out of business so they will never harm another 
blind child!

    While I would like to believe that this is not true as one who 
personally experienced such abusive treatment by so-called schools for the 
blind in Massachusetts it doesn't surprise me that an outfit like this 

Peter Donahue who hopes and prays that there will soon be an affiliate of 
the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children in Massachusetts to 
truly create a future full of possibilities for blind kids in the Bay State.

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Subject: [Blindtlk] Fw: Mass. school electrocutes blind girl

I am passing this along in hopes that all will sign. This is just
unbelievable. Even my County Disability Coordinator shared this. Thanks.

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From: Samme.Ripley at ocfl.net
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 12:06 PM
Subject: FW: Mass. school electrocutes blind girl

Sharing………………..this video can be very compelling for those familiar with
electric shocking of disabled students in past years.


From: Sherri [mailto:flmom2006 at gmail.com]
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To: Ripley, Samme
Subject: Fw: Mass. school electrocutes blind girl

Do you know anything about this? This is outrageous if it's true!


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From: Jon Perri, Change.org

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Subject: Mass. school electrocutes blind girl

                  VIDEO: Special needs student electroshocked. Tell his
Massachusetts school to stop using electroshock devices on children.

                  Sign Gregory's Petition

            Sherri -

            In 2002, a special needs student named Andre McCollins was
allegedly strapped down and electrocuted for hours, leaving him with
permanent brain damage, all because he refused to take off his jacket. The
people torturing Andre were officials at his school. You can watch what
happened on video.

            The video was shot at a Massachusetts school for special needs
kids called the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC). Gregory Miller used to be a
teacher there, and he says electrocuting kids as punishment is extremely
common -- even for minor offenses like raising your hand to go to the

            "A non-verbal, nearly blind girl with cerebral palsy was shocked
for attempts to hold a staff member's hand -- her attempts to communicate
and to be loved," Gregory says.

            Gregory desperately wants to help the kids at the JRC - that's
why he started a petition on Change.org demanding that the JRC stop using
electroshock to punish kids. Click here to add your name.

            Gregory says the JRC's founder created electroshock devices
which are even stronger than police stun guns to punish students for bad
behavior. An official at the United Nations said that using these devices on
children is considered torture.

            According to the Boston Globe, the JRC’s founder resigned after
being charged with misleading a grand jury by destroying video footage of
other students being shocked.

            Gregory believes that if thousands of people sign his petition,
his former bosses will capitulate in the intense pressure generated by a
national spotlight.

            Click here to sign Gregory's petition demanding that the JRC
immediately cease its practice of punishing special needs kids with
electroshock devices.

            Thanks for being a change-maker,

            - Jon and the Change.org team

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