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On 5/21/12, Chantel Alberhasky <chantel at alberhaskylaw.com> wrote:
> Bernie,
> I am curious re your stance about staying away from a notetaker.  Do you
> simply use a refreshable  Braille display for a laptop to take the place of
> a notetaker?  My child is going into third grade and we are looking for him
> to start using a notetaker next year.
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> I may get in trouble for this, but my advice to you is, (and
> again, I speak from hard core experience)... Stay away from
> notetakers.  They're expensive.  You can't be without their annual
> maintenance agreements, which are also quite pricy.  And, if that
> isn't enough, be aware that you can get taken by an outfit who will
> keep your software maintenance agreement in mind.  But, sometimes may
> not be mindful of a hardware agreement until it's too late???  Been
> there, done that and believe me I know!  So ends my take on
> notetakers???  Hmmm!  Pardon the PUN.  Besides, netbooks, laptops, and
> the like are much easier and less expensive to upgrade as far as they
> can go.  I know, for a PC, you can always buy memory, extending the
> memory space.
> Bernie
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As a matter of fact, I've been using my old relic--slate-n-stylus till
I get my ducks in a row enough to get the netbook I like and be able
to put JAWS on it.  I did have a notetaker at one time.  But by the
time the company I bought it from notified me that there was hardware
and software to upgrade, the cost would've been more than to buy a new
machine.  Needless to say, i was an extremely unhappy camper!!!  I've
talked to too many a blind guy that have been this same route and if
you talked to people out there, most people that stop using their
notetakers, either go back to their old relics that are crash-proof in
the beginning.  But somehow, unless they get it from REHAB, the cost
for a single person to afford it...  Usually doesn't happen.  With a
family, I can't see spending that kind of money on something like
that.  I have my children to wory about, which is exactly the reason,
as much as I'd like something with a Braille display, I wouldn't take
that from my children!  It's too bad that these outfits, (that in
order to get this technology), force us to be so selfish not to
consider our children first?  I'm too busy trying to fund technology
for our nine-year-old daughter!


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