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the mac book air is grate but there is one problem with it. If you want it to run well with voice over you have to get the one with 4 Gigabytes of ram and Apple makes you go to the 13 inch screen. This adds weight and cost. If you get the mac book air with 4 gigabytes of ram you might as well go to the mac book pro 13 inch. With the mac book pro you get much more hard drive space and 4 gigabytes of ram out of the gate. Yes it is a little heavier but still nice and light.
Ask the school if they can put a mac on the network. If they can't a mac would be a non starter. Yes I am careful with my tech but still me being a kid and going on buses with it you will at some point run into trouble. What ever the way it goes I am happy giving tips on how to use jaws or voice over.
On May 22, 2012, at 6:10 AM, Sally Thomas wrote:

> As a parent, my favorite things about the MacBook Air (the smaller
> lightweight notebook made by Apple) are the fact that Apple customer
> service is so easy to deal with and the products are ready to use out of
> the box.  I highly recommend that you consider getting the additional
> warranty called AppleCare if you decide on an Apple product.  Even though
> my son is careful with his technology, carrying things back and forth to
> school can cause problems.  With AppleCare there is no question about
> getting you up and running right away.
> Like Richard said, there are programs available for the Mac that are
> similar to the Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint and are
> compatible.
> One question you might want to ask is if the school will be okay with a
> MacBook.  When my son tried to use a MacBook at his former school, the
> technology department for the district would not support it even though
> they agreed to its use.  They either didn't know how or couldn't be
> bothered to figure out how to connect the Mac to the school network so the
> Mac couldn't be used to get on the internet. If the computer is going to be
> used at school as the only computer your son can access, it will be
> important to have some agreement from the school that this will work.
> Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer to what is best.  There are just
> too many variables.
> SallyThomas
> On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 4:49 AM, Rosina Solano <colemangirly at yahoo.com>wrote:
>> Okay, I stated that I am looking for a netbook for my son for high
>> school.  I have also been advised to not jump into the ipad arena just yet,
>> that he needs to learn the computer skills first.  I am okay with that.
>> Now I am wondering about apple versus other netbooks.  I know that there is
>> a big price difference.  My idea is that is comes installed with Voice
>> Over.  If I get a netbook then I also have to get JAWS for a screen
>> reader.  So I am just wondering if using the apple netbook will do the same
>> as any other computer.  I see that it is compatable with his braille sense
>> plus.  So I am just looking for which way to go and why.  He needs to be
>> able to email his homework directly to his teachers and get it back.  To do
>> powerpoint presentations, etc.  He already has good braille skills and uses
>> an abacus extremely well.  He does well in school, but we are WAY behind in
>> the tech dept.  We live rural and so do not have it at home either, so
>> this is all new for all of us.  No cell phones, no ipods, nothing tech
>> other than his braille sense.  I use internet several times a week at the
>> local library, but if we get him going we plan on getting internet at
>> home.  This is very overwhelming for us so please talk plainly.
>> Thanks;
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