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Penny Duffy pennyduffy at gmail.com
Tue May 22 17:46:33 UTC 2012

good question Holly..

Abby uses her Ipad with a refreshable braille display and the biggest
disadvantage i found is it doesn't read braille files. Which I don't know
if its an issue or not.  There is an great bookshare app and it reads those
so that is not an issue. It will put on the braille display what ever is
spoken by voice over.  I am sure there are other issues.  but so
far that's the only one I have found and i don't know how many files only
come in braille format.

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Holly Baker Miller <hollym12 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Still trying to figure things out for our situation.  New braille user,
> middle school, responsible & tech savy.  Has enough vision that jaws
> probably isn't going to be a necessity for him.  His issue is not so much
> with seeing but that he fatigues very quickly when reading visually.
> It seems as if buying a good netbook or ipad ($500) + bluetooth braille
> display ($2500) such as the Brailliant 32 would be about half the cost of a
> note taker.
> Aside from the slight downside of having to carry two compact items, why
> does it seem like this is not a popular option for most?
> The pluses would be the netbook/ipad could be reasonably replaced every 2-3
> years as the processors get faster & more powerful making it easier to keep
> pace with technology.  Sounds like the maintenance plan on a notetaker
> costs that much.  Even if the display part punks out after a few years, a
> lot less painful to replace that than a full note taker.
> Are there other disadvantages I'm not aware of?  Is this something whose
> time has come but it just hasn't quite caught on yet?
> I won't be offended if there's something glaring I haven't thought of!
> Holly
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