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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri May 25 02:45:54 UTC 2012

I don't know the exact status of Netbooks, I would think some ware still
available, but they are no longer in the limelight as they were a couple
years ago.  They aren't the darlings of the industry.  I think most people
figured out they wanted more, or less.  They have been eclipsed by the iPad.

Some new computers, called Ultrabooks are starting to appear.  They are
between a full laptop and a Netbook.


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Do some computer stores not carry netbooks any longer? I ask this because
Aubrie and my husband were at Best Buy here in Anchorage and they could not
find any net books. Frankly, it's possible that they were there but my
husband didn't see them anywhere. I ask that because I'm wondering if they
are on the way out with all the small tablets around. We were also wondering
if Humanware still makes the PK. If you had a small note taker and a
netbook, you could certainly reduce the weight and include a Braille display
without too much extra weight. Given that Aubrie has been carrying several
Braille books to her classes, anything would be better than that. She has
loved having her Apex and I agree with you, Richard, the ease of using it
makes it such a cool thing to have. On Sunday, she carries only the
BrailleNote and stuffs a couple of things in the front pocket. She uses it
for singing hymns and reading scriptures in class, along with the other
students. Her teachers put things on thumb drives and she can then read
quotes and stories along with the other students. As a side note, I have
given a couple of them each a slate and they make framed quotes for her just
as they do the others to emphasize a point in the lesson. 

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     I thought I would offer another comment on PC based laptops, netbooks,
ultrabooks etc. JAWS makes heavy use of memory, so users should have at
least 4GB of RAM. The faster the CPU the better. This requirement does
preclude the use of the lower end devices. Hope this helps.



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