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I have a 20 year old daughter who is blind, but it was my son who got bullied in 
grammar school (not blind) and I did not tolerate it for one second.  When 
another boy punched my son in the face, I immediately called the police even 
though the school would have preferred to handle it.  Nothing gets attention 
like a police officer at your door.  It worked. The little sh#% never bothered 
ny son again.  It's the parents who need to have the police come to their door 
to get their attention.  A bully is a neglected kid acting out, and the parents 
needs to be embarrassed once in a while.   If your child gets bullied on the 
bus, the bus company is supposed to throw them off the bus. That will get their 
parent's attention too when they have to drive them to school.  Parents can't 
fix what they don't know about, and having a principal talk to a child just 
isn't enough.  Call the police and the bus company.  Tell them you will get 
restraining orders against them and that will get their attention.

Connecticut mom

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Hi listers,
As we all know, ppl can be mean at times. My daughter is 11 and currently
I'm having to deal more and more with kids at school being bullies. Its
even gotten to point of being physically bullied. I'm now fighting with the
school district to do something drastic. I'm livid. There have been 3
separate incidents in less then 2 weeks now.
As a parent in itself, and a mother to a blind child, I need help with how
I should ease her through all this. I don't want scare her or give her
false hope that this will end. I know someone will always have something to
say about her. Have any of you all have had to have the "bully" talk? What
are some "do and don't" say things?

Thank you all.
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