[blindkid] Testing

Erin Teply eteply at cfl.rr.com
Wed Dec 4 11:06:27 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I have a few questions regarding testing in various areas for my 7 year old/2nd grader.

1.  Is there a known 'gifted' adapted test out there, for testing whether your child is gifted or not.  Of course, our school district has never had to test a blind child and has been looking into it.  Something must exist out there.

2.  Math curriculum and online access.  Our school district uses the Pearson curriculum.  I have called the company and they told me that their online access is not accessible, what are your experiences out there with this type of thing?

3.  Reading comprehension tests, such as Reading Counts (scholastic), etc.  What are your experiences with your kids and these tests?  Are they accessible?  Do your kids complete these types of reading comprehension tests?

Thanks so much for any input!

Happy holidays.

Erin Teply

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