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What a beautifully yet, Rosina.  And yes, you are so delightfully expressive.  Thank you, my friend. 

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This is something that will come in time with a couple things.  These things don't matter if you are blind or sighted.  When her reading speed increases and with practice.  When someone said that not everyone reads with expression, they were SOO right.  I love reading with expression so much, but it isn't for everyone.  And as for reading ahead, you can bet that those sighted kids in class are reading ahead even when not instructed to.  Most kids will figure out which paragraph is theirs and read it to themselves before their turn, trust me.  I know all my class mates did because no kid that age likes to sound like they can't read something.
The other thing is practice.  If you can, read stories to her with expression.  My father used to read Uncle Remus to me (actually not read just tell the stories) when I was little.  He was VERY expressive, and I thought everyone read that way.  Now it is the only way for me to read, even when I read silentely to myself.  I have to imagine the way it all sounds, but I do have an over active imagination.  I have read to my kids since they were little.  Now they can read to themselves and they also have audio books, but they still prefer me as they say "I do all the voices"  Reading is a passion of mine, but even so, NONE of my kids read with expression, nor do any of my siblings, most of my class mates never did either.  So reading speed, practice, example, and the rest is if she just gets it.  I personally believe that people who truly love the written word are more likely to be expressive.  Even when shown how to do it, if it is something
they don't like, they just want to get through it and wont be expressive.
But I know Abby and she will get it, it will just take time
Keep at it Abby!!!

Rosina Foster
MOPBC Missouri Parents of Blind Children

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