[blindkid] Medical ID bracelets/necklaces

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Tue Jun 11 05:45:58 UTC 2013

Hi Julie,

  I've never heard of anyone having a medical bracelet solely due 
to blindness and wouldn't think this would be necessary, but I do 
think the vasovagal episodes seem like a compelling reason to get 
one.  I'd emphasize that diagnosis rather than the blindness.


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Hello there listers.  I'm looking into getting a medical alert 
bracelet for
my daughter and was told by a pharmacist that because her only 
medical issue is blindness from ROP, that it was not necessary.  
I was a bit
disturbed by that answer.
  I feel as is for some reason my girl is unable to respond or 
speak for
herself in an emergency, I would want a medic or Dr to know her 
eyes may
not be as responsive due to her condition.  She also has 
of passing out).  So my question is, how many of you all have a 
medical ID
for being blind and has it been useful? (Both listers and 
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