[blindkid] Fwd: Organizations that build Free Ramp Systems

Carol Castellano carol_castellano at verizon.net
Wed Sep 18 20:45:21 UTC 2013

This item might be of help to some families.


Carol Castellano
Parents of Blind Children-NJ
Director of Programs
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children
carol_castellano at verizon.net

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>Subject: Organizations that build Free Ramp Systems
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>Directory of organizations that build FREE RAMP SYSTEMS is available 
>on Ramps.org
>Dear Director,
>I am writing you today to make you aware of a Free Ramp Builder 
>Directory that is now available on 
>This directory can be found at: 
>and it is organized by national programs and by groups that service 
>individual states. We are asking that you make people in your 
>organization aware of this resource and if possible please post a 
>link to it on your website.
>As a member of the National Dissemination Center for Children with 
>Disabilities Community (NICHCY) I'm sure you are aware of the 
>varying needs of People with Disabilities and the limitations of 
>insurance programs when it comes to providing support for their 
>needs. We at Handi Ramp run into this problem almost every day. To 
>deal with it several of our customer service people started 
>compiling lists of organizations that build free ramps for people 
>who didn't have the resources to do it for themselves. We combined 
>the lists of our people and started tracking news articles 
>discussing the volunteer efforts of so many people out in the 
>community. We were surprised to find that we had almost 200 
>organizations and charities, located all across the United States, 
>in our directory. This year we decided that our internal list needed 
>to be posted on line.
>Perhaps you know if an organization that did not make our list, if 
>so, I would love for you to either email me with the details or 
>submit it to us using this form: 
>Handi Ramp maintains this website and this directory for the primary 
>purpose of helping people in the community. We built this resource 
>directory for the purpose of providing people with a helping hand 
>when they need it the most. Please use this directory frequently and 
>make others aware of it so that more people can benefit from the 
>generosity and volunteer efforts of the organizations and people listed here.
>Please feel free to write to me with any questions or requests.
>Thom Disch
>Handi Ramp
>Handi Ramp 
>has been manufacturing ramps for People with Disabilities for over 
>55 years and is proud to be able to provide this free service to 
>members of the community. HandiRamp's products are made in the USA.
>is a free web service that will help people with Disabilities decide 
>what type of wheelchair ramp is right for their specific situation. 
>It also provides information on charities and volunteer 
>organizations that provide free or discount services to this community.
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>these emails, please reply to this message with "Unsubscribe" in the 
>subject line or simply click on the following link: 
>Handi Ramp 510 North ave Libertyville, Illinois 60048 US
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