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Hello List:


     I just saw this and thought it might be of interest. I have not checked
out the web site. Enjoy!







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Hi folks

This is the second Storybud newsletter.

Storybud is a childrens story website with all your favourite stories

Classics, legends, folklore and much more.

Here you will find what's happening on storybud...plus a few more bits and 

www.storybud.org <http://www.storybud.org> 

some revamps on Storybud,thanks to your comments.

1 easier to find your story.

The site is undergoing another revamp.

Some of you using screen magnifiers but who do not have speech software 
commented that it is hard to see the links of the stories.

This is being resolved...slow process though...soon you will see the title 
of the story as a heading with the link to that story right underneath it.

2 scrolling through your category choice.

Previously if you choose a category for example stories a to d, all the 
stories in that category came up on the page that appeared.

Some of you mentioned that you were scrolling at breakfast, had your lunch 
and dinner, and then continued scrolling!!!

In future the list of stories in the category will only show about ten 
stories on the page...and then below them you can click on page 2 etc in 
that category.

3 here is some of the new content on site

audio stories

A lesson of faith Belling the cat

A slice of tongue Farmer and the moneylender

Adventures of Pinocchio Earl Mars daughter

Bronze ring Emperors 
new clothes

Cap o rushes Cauld lad of Hilton

Childe Rowland Cleopatra

See and hear additions.

Adventures of Pinocchio

Belling the Cat

Cap o rushes

Cauld lad of Hilton

Read a story additions.

Accomplished and lucky teakettle Adventures of Pinocchio

Best robot Bronze ring Buried 

Cap o rushes Dragons tail

There are more additions in each format but too many to mention,

if you have a favourite you would like on the site

send an e mail with your request to tigerone at eircom.net
<mailto:tigerone at eircom.net> 

with the word request in the subject bar.

4 become a glitch meister for Storybud.

No matter how careful there are always some links on site that may not work.

If you have a problem viewing any page,

please send me an e mail telling me which story is giving you grief.

tigerone at eircom.net <mailto:tigerone at eircom.net> 

please place the words link problem in the subject bar.

5 suggest an idea.

So what do you like or dislike about Storybud.

E mail us with your likes, dislikes, suggestions or ideas. All aree 
gratefully received.

E mail tigerone at eircom.net <mailto:tigerone at eircom.net> 

Please put the words Storybud feedback in the subject bar.

6 follow us on facebook


7 find more stories on our contributors websites

Project Gutenberg www.gutenberg.org <http://www.gutenberg.org> 

Librivox www.librivox.org <http://www.librivox.org> 

World of tales www.worldoftales.com <http://www.worldoftales.com> 

Native-languages www.native-languages.org <http://www.native-languages.org> 

stories in both English and Spanish text and audio


8 send us a story.

Have you a story you would like to send us?

We would be happy to put it on site and credit you as the writer...just make

sure it is your own!

Unfortuneately we are not in a position to pay for submissions, but it is a 
good way to earn a name for yourself.

Send the text or audio of the story to

tigerone at eircom.net <mailto:tigerone at eircom.net> 

please put the words Storybud story submission in the subject bar.

Thanks for all your assistance and ideas/suggestions.

Continue enjoying Storybud and do spread the word.


Paul Halligan

e mail tigerone at eircom.net <mailto:tigerone at eircom.net> 
website www.storybud.org <http://www.storybud.org> 

Like Storybud on facebook

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