[blindkid] Recommendations for Braille Teaching Material for a Second Grader

Mary Donahue braille at satx.rr.com
Sat Apr 5 20:20:10 UTC 2014

Good afternoon everyone,


                It looks like I will have a chance to teach Braille to a
second-grade student, but by the time I start with her, she will be between
second and third grade. Right now, she is going to public elementary school
in the San Antonio Independent School District. Her mother is my regular
morning paratransit driver when I go to work, so I have gotten to know this
driver and know something about her daughter. The girl's name is Isabella,
but she goes by Bella for short. Right now, she is doing fairly well in
school and can see the print, but eventually, she will lose all her sight.
Both my husband and I have been telling Bella's mother that the sooner Bella
is introduced to the alternative techniques of blindness, of which Braille
is one, the easier it will be.


                Since some of you have taught Braille to children, I need
all of the suggestions and recommendations I can get. From what Braille
materials should I teach. I have copies of _The _McDuffy _Reader, but that
is mainly for adults. What would be good material to teach a second-grade,
almost third-grade student? Any recommendations you can give me will be
greatly appreciated. I have been NCLB certified since the end of August, and
am excited to try out my skills.


                Thank you in advance for your recommendations and


Mary Donahue


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