[blindkid] inclusion of VI children in public school after school programs

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Hopefully I can help you with this. The after program is not part of the
school. They let the Y use the school to make it easier on families to have
after school care. As a child who grew up in such programs and I also have
LCA although I don't have any other disabilities although I had friends, and
mostly was able to participate as honestly it is a free for all where they
let kids play, do homework and have a snack. So they are not required to
have a person.

I also happen to be a childcare provider and think your daughter would be
better served with a babysitter you hired to pick up your daughter and do
meaningful activities with after school. It will likely pay about $10 an
hour, but she won't be stressed out and upset. Places to find such a person
would be the local college of education, craigs list for other stay at home
moms, bulletin boards, and even the childcare locater in your state. I
wonder if there is another child with Autism who needs extra help and you
and that parent could share someone. As the blindness does not require your
child extra help in this environment which is why reasonable accommodations
like letting a blind child use a Braille writer, providing Brailed games etc
would be except able. They offer these programs at a low cost, and due to
this you are getting people who are practically still kids running the

If you want more help finding what is right I'd be happy to help.

I agree with another poster saying if it was a club, or school activity they
would need to help your daughter.


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Oh Thank you!  I'm trying to get to the bottom of it.
This is just for after care, and not part of the school curriculum.

I found this from New Jersey

I'm not sure if the state offers support for her because of her autism
diagnosis (we just got her diagnosis) , but It's something I need to find
out.  One of my friends told me that the Y after school programs do allow
private ABA providers to come and work with kids during that time, so that
might be an option for us.


On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Penny Duffy <pennyduffy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Being your child also experiences autism does your state offer support 
> in this area? I am fairly certain if it was a school club the the 
> school should provide the supports so the child can take part of a 
> school activity.  Being the after school program isn't part of school 
> just at the school I don't think they have to provide a paraprofessional.
> It's not really my area but if you were in NH I could send you where 
> to find out that information.
> On Jul 30, 2014 6:23 PM, "Ashley G via blindkid" <blindkid at nfbnet.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone!
>> My name is Ashley Gaze.  I have read several fantastic posts and 
>> responses on this list, but I think it's my first time writing.  
>> Thanks to all of you for all of the wonderful insights and 
>> information that you have shared.
>> I have a daughter named Audrey (almost 5) who is totally blind.  She 
>> has LCA (Leber's Congenital Amaurosis) and has recently been 
>> diagnosed with autism as well--a diagnosis that I definitely agree with.
>> She will be entering transitional kindergarten at the public school 
>> in San Diego.  She will also have a paraprofessional for the length 
>> of the school day.  The school is our neighborhood school, but 
>> coincidentally it also houses our district's program for Students 
>> with Vision Impairments.  There are several VI students from all over the
county who attend.
>> Her dad and I both work full-time and will need for her to attend the 
>> after
>> school program, which is run by the YMCA on the school site.    I applied
>> for it and explained my daughter's disabilities as well as her need 
>> for additional supports.
>>  The Y staff at her school responded that they will provide 
>> reasonable accommodations, but they do not provide additional staffing as
a support.
>> So, I have a question about this...Does anyone know if it is it the 
>> Y's or the school's responsibility to provide additional supports/ 
>> staff so that my child and other VI kids can participate?
>> If it's the school's responsibility, do I need to have an IEP meeting 
>> to have it added into her IEP?
>>  I feel if a school is going to have a "program for students with 
>> Visual Impairments" and this school was determined to be the LRE 
>> setting for my daughter, shouldn't she then be able to participate in 
>> all of the school's programs with assistance?
>> I would appreciate any information that you all might be able to share.
>>  Thanks so much!!
>> Ashley Gaze
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