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>Subject: [Nfbnet-members-list] Christmas Shopping Event.
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>Subject: Would you like to Christmas Shop from the Comfort of your home?
>Hello everyone,
>If you have not started your Christmas shopping yet, or if you have, 
>and are just looking for a few stocking stuffers, join us on 
>November 15, at 2:00 PM Eastern in the Events Center on NFB Live, 
>for our Giftables Galore presentation as we will feature four great 
>venders who will surely provide you with some exciting gift ideas.
>At 2:00 PM, Eastern, we will start the day off with Denise Russell 
>from Speak To Me. The Speak To Me Catalog specializes in products 
>that talk, sing, play music, or let you record your own special 
>message. Find a unique practical talking item or a fun and wacky 
>gift idea that adds that personal touch. They have something for 
>everyone, even those who are hard to shop for. Give the gift that 
>says something.
>At 2:30 P.M. Eastern, Kara Euvino from Braille Tees will present her 
>selection of products. Braille Tees are high quality tees which 
>reveal their message in actual raised Braille - uncontracted (grade 
>1), so that beginning Braille and non-Braille readers can follow 
>letter by letter. (Custom shirts can be done in either contracted or 
>uncontracted Braille.) They are loads of fun, and EXCEPTIONAL 
>conversation starters. Braille Tees are a testament to the great 
>sense of humor and confidence of the wearer. They make a statement 
>all by themselves, and provide a playful way of connecting with and 
>engaging the people around us. Men, women, teens and children of all 
>ages love them, and everybody loves the people who wear them!
>Tony Mead from Blind Treasures will join us at 3:00 P.M. Eastern. 
>Being blind himself, Tony understands the difficulties of getting 
>out to shop for the things we need or want. That is why Blind 
>treasures cater mainly to the blind and their families but anyone is 
>welcome to join. Tony publishes a daily mailing called the Treasure 
>Scroll which lists the items that are for sail during that shipping 
>period. Items change daily based on what suppliers have available at 
>the time. All items are purchased in small quantities so you have to 
>act quickly to insure you obtain the items you want. Tony will 
>discuss the variety of products he offers and answer any questions 
>you may have.
>Finally, at 3:30 P.M. Eastern, Sherlock Washington from SWUnlimited 
>will inform us about the line of products his company provides. 
>SWUnlimited has a vast line of Adaptive Products, aids for 
>Independent Living, and merchandise designed simply to enhance your 
>lifestyle by making your life and daily tasks easier.
>If you are not a member of NFB Live, you can sign up at:
>We hope that you will come and join us and launch your Christmas 
>season by getting some of your shopping done early with us.
>See you there.<

>James Gagnier
>NFB Live Technical Support
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