[blindkid] Braille Reversals Help

Sariah Mattinson riahlynn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 21:02:35 UTC 2014

My daughter is in first grade and has started to read braille. Lately
she's been having a hard time with her braille reversals (e with i, i
with e, w with r, n with 'ed', d with f etc.). Her teacher has been
noticing it's getting worse and it's effecting her test scores. Her
teachers and I have tried a few different things but it hasn't
improved. If she reads a letter d and says it's an f and then I tell
her no she then knows it's the letter d. She's smart and knows which
dots each letter is. If you ask her what dots a letter e is she gets
it right every time and same with the other reversals. It's only when
she's reading it that she seems to have difficult distinguishing.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful! Thank you!

Sariah Mattinson

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