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Thu Oct 2 03:57:43 UTC 2014

The point of fervor is certainly to ignite a moment of action. Once that moment has happened, fervor changes to ensure that the fire doesn't go cold and to hold leadership accountable. Having continued to read the list, I didn't see any actions that have been taken, transparency or consensus building doesn't seem to be of value.

Convention is not approaching, it is next July, 9 months away! In the meantime myself and countless other families with children who have severe developmental delays and are also blind continue to survive each day. We focus on that day and not a 4 day conference 9 months from now that many of us can't afford to go to and if we do child care is incapable of accommodating our children. Even if no particular decisions have been made at least offer transparency and lift up some of the initial ideas so we know what's happening.

I did seek support and from several I received it but from many others I was blamed for not being more involved with the NOPBC and blamed for not being able to form my own subdivision advocacy group. So I appreciate your encouragement but it feels quite hallow. 

Perhaps 9 months from now when convention comes this will all change. In the meantime, the status quo will remain.

If anyone actually decides to do anything before the magical 4 days in July, please do let me know. 


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>Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 5:54 AM -0700 from Carlton Anne Cook Walker  <attorneywalker at gmail.com>:
>I am sorry that you have left the email list. Fervor, while it can be helpful to get things started, rarely succeeds in implementing meaningful, long-laying change. This, l
>I am pleased that the fervor has died down and that actual action if being taken.
>Please know that discussions are ongoing and plans are being made. Not only does the NOPBC, a proud division of the National Federation of the Blind, intend to continue our long-standing commitment to all blind children, we are actively exploring options to increase our offerings to blind children with multiple disabilities and their families.
>As Convention approaches (it is now 9 months away) more information will be available. I invite ask patents of all blind children to seek support from the NFB and the NOPBC and look for ways to share our collective resources with others.
>Thank you,

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