[blindkid] Focus 40BT vs. Braillenote Apex for Bluetooth control of iPod

Dan Burke dburke at cocenter.org
Fri Oct 17 17:22:16 UTC 2014

I briefly used an Apex with my iPhone a couple of years ago.  Some commands are different from other Braille displays. So it won't be quite seamless to move back and forth between displays; the Apex simply doesn't have some of the extra buttons tht the Focus has.

Here's a link based on a google search I just did.  


In my early days, I found a couple of good posts on applevis.com


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We have switched Kendra to using her Braillenote Apex to control her iPod instead of her Focus 40BT, at least temporarily (the Focus 40 quit working properly, and she loves using that keyboard). 

I find myself a little confused by the way the Apex is working for this, because I had assumed all the commands would be the same, but a number of the controls seem to be different now (if not perhaps absent- we can't seem to find them), including the delete command, the way to enter a search field (like for spotlight), and how to start and stop music. I suspect there are other changes as well but Kendra is too frustrated to look much more until we get some of these working- hopefully one change will fix the lot...

Are there any users here who know which commands to substitute, or where a list of the controls might be found? I'm wondering if these are user configurable, or if some setting got changed by accident when the keyboards got switched. I'd love it if we could seamlessly move between the Apex and a BT 40 to control her iPads more seamlessly. 

Even once we get the Focus 40 repaired, it would be nice if she could use the Apex when she doesn't want the hassle of carrying around an extra keyboard. She is continually carrying around a Chromebook as well her Apex. Now add in an iPod and an iPad at times plus a separate bluetooth keyboard on top of her conventional braille materials and other supplies in her backpack... her lunch. It is just a lot of stuff to carry....

Any advice or suggestions?

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