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melissa at riccobono.us melissa at riccobono.us
Wed Dec 2 13:55:58 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

My name is Melissa Riccobono, and I am a member of the board of the National
Organization of Parents of Blind Children. One of our committees has been
hard at work planning new ways to reach out to parents throughout the year.
We are planning to hold conference calls with a variety of topics.
Additionally, we plan to make recordings of these calls available for
download so even those who are unable to call in will be able to access the
information provided on the call. We are working on finalizing the date and
time for our first call, so stay tuned for that information!


We would, of course, like to hear from all of you. We have a list of topics
we believe would be of interest to parents with blind children, but we
certainly may not have thought of everything. Is there a topic you would be
interested in learning more about? Is there a specific speaker you would be
interested in hearing from?


If you have ideas, please email me off list at

melissa at riccobono.us

You can also post your ideas to the list, but that can sometimes lead to a
lot of traffic which not everyone appreciates. Because I believe generating
topics can lead others to think of their own topics however, I will
periodically post a list of the topic suggestions I have received so people
can comment either on or off list about them. 

I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please get those ideas flowing!


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