[blindkid] Workshop Suggestions for National Convention!

melissa at riccobono.us melissa at riccobono.us
Wed Dec 2 14:13:07 UTC 2015

Hello once again,

The NOPBC is all ready hard at work planning the program for the 2016
National Convention, which will be held June 30-July 5 in Orlando, Florida.
We hope many families and professionals who work with blind children are
planning to attend. A very "hot topic" for professionals and families seems
to be transition. Of course, many take this to mean transitioning from high
school to college or work, but, if you think about it, children are
"transitioning" in one way or another from the time they are born. With this
in mind, the theme for our parent conference will be transition.


And, it is no surprise that, once again, I am looking for feedback from all
of you. What workshops would be of interest to you this summer? Also, what
types of sessions would you like to see offered to your blind tweens and
teens? What types of fun activities would you like to see in child care? For
the professionals-what topics would you like to see? We are excited to be
partnering with the Professionals in Blindness Education and want to make
sure the needs of professionals are being considered as well.


We cannot promise that we will be able to offer every topic and activity
suggested, but we are hoping this list will get us thinking, and will also
help us to provide a conference which is relevant for parents, kids, and
professionals alike.


Please send your ideas and suggestions to me at

melissa at riccobono.us


Again, you can post these to the list directly as well, but this can create
a lot of traffic, which some people do not appreciate. As with the
conference call suggestions however, I will periodically post feedback for


Please begin to make plans to join us in Florida, and I look forward to the
wealth of fantastic ideas you will share.


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