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      I believe the NFB's Independence Market has some games and other fun stuff.



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Hi all,

Well, as Christmas comes near, I was thinking of  recreational gifts to both give and receive.
I’m a grown kid, and always a kid at heart.

What accessible card and board games are there? When you all play with your kids, do you make adaptations? Other braille or large print cards, my card mates announce what card is on the deck they play. They also announce if the last card from the deck is being drawn and then the cards will be reshuffled. I may see some of this, but in case I don’t, I like to know so I’m aware what happened and who drew the last card. Sometimes the dealer tells me when he or she is dealing cards to me, although that isn’t totally necessary.
So which games  are out there?
I mean other than Uno and  the standard deck of 52 cards?

I know about regular playing cards and Uno and I actually own them.

I cannot find these games. Are they made in accessible form? Of course, I realize cards can be brailled, but I rather have it out of the box usable.
Also, I would think it would be hard for a blind person to touch the board whileThe game pieces are on it and still keep it in place. I have low vision so can see the pieces But got to wondering with the totally blind.

Here are the games:
  a.. Apple to apples
  b.. Go fish
  c.. Old maid
  d.. Clue
  e.. Scrabble
  f.. Candy land
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