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1.    Another relevant story in Future Reflections is Leslie Hamric's "That
Single Chance,"



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Thanks Kim. I read your story to Ashleah. She is still not interested.
Maybe, though, she'll give it some thought later....I hope.

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I am so sorry to hear your story! My daughter dealt with the same attitude
from her choir director. If you haven't read her article published in Future
Reflections, please read....




Kim Cunningham

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Hello everyone. I hope all is doing well and keeping warm and safe this
winter season.


My husband and I went to our daughter's Parent/Teacher conference last week.
Ashleah is a 9th grade high school student, blind, and an academic student
with all As. She loves to sing and does it well. (Not just a mother's point
of view here.) Anyway, her school has a "Show Choir" that she has shown some
interest in but the teacher, the her friends have told me, has her favorites
and constantly picks those for solos. Usually these are students in Show
Choir. This is the third year Ashleah has had this teacher. I thought she
would get a different teacher when she went to the high school but that
didn't happen. Ashleah has never tried out for Show Choir because of this
teacher having her favorites. So, back to parent/teacher conference night. I
reached my boiling point, which doesn't happen too often, mind you. The
teacher commented that Ashleah is receiving an A+ and she would like for
Ashleah to try out for a special event that, "doesn't require any dancing."
Ashleah would just need to walk around the audience while she sang with the
rest of the group. At that moment, I asked the teacher what she would do if
a student of hers were in a wheelchair and wanted to sign up for Show Choir?
Would she discourage that student just as she has done my daughter? I
proceeded to tell her that Ashleah has wanted to try out for Show Choir but
hasn't because of her. The teacher commented that she feared for Ashleah's
safety on the risers. I told her that Ashleah is an excellent cane traveler
and the woman nodded. I said Ashleah could learn the movements if she had
some assistance...perhaps a video of the movements or a peer, or even she,
the teacher, could assist her in learning the moves. The point being, I told
the teacher, is that she need not close the door without giving Ashleah
every opportunity to walk through. Yes, this was all said in front of my
daughter, who was a little upset with me for fear the teacher would be upset
with her. I told Ashleah, the teacher was wrong and I was being an advocate
for my daughter in hopes that the next time, my daughter would be an
advicate for herself. 


I also spoke to Ashleah's case manager that night and informed her what
transpired with Chorus teacher. 


So since that night, the teacher has had a couple of "practices" in class.
This morning, Ashleah says she officially HATES Show Choir. Her decision to
not try to unlock that door.....not her teacher's.....(I hope.)


Merry-Noel Chamberlain

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