[blindkid] Online Accessibility in College

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I suggest that your daughter speak with the Disabilities Office at her  
They will be in touch with professors if materials are not accessible. She  
should of course speak with the professors to make them aware, but  the 
Disabilities Office will assist with the accessibility  piece.
I am wondering what screen reader she uses. My son is a senior in college.  
His school uses Blackboard, as well, but he uses Jaws.
My daughter works in the Disabilities Office at another University and  
finds that Kurzweil has difficulty reading materials that professors have photo 
 copied, scanned and then upload. Also if they've designed a worksheet 
using Word  it isn't necessarily screen reader accessible. They may not realize 
this or  understand.
All materials must be accessible, so I suggest she go back to the  
Disabilities Office. 
Eileen Molloy
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Subject:  [blindkid] where to hire readers for college level  students?
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Hi -? 

My daughter is a college freshman  and sometimes the material she has to 
read for class is online and her read  aloud software doesn't always read the 
material properly.? So we would like to  hire someone to read the material 
to her.? Have any of you hired a reader  before?? Where did you find your 
readers?? Any suggestions on where my daughter  and I should look for someone? 

Thanks in advance for your advice on  this. 
Shellie Kalinsky 

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