[blindkid] Scheduling an IEP time

Pui pburmahln at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 23 19:44:03 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Wondering how you parents have scheduled an IEP time, and what our rights are as parents.

The IEP team after saying they could accommodate my schedule to have an IEP meeting when my children are in school, are now saying they need to schedule it before or after school. I believe the change of mind came from my son's school administration because they did not want to hire a substitute for the day even though the teacher will only be gone for 90 minutes, they have to pay for a day. After agreeing to 9 am they said it had to be at 1:30 pm when the kindergarten day is done (my son is an early bird and is done at 11:50am, so I would have no childcare for him and would have to bring him which is not my preference).

I know that legally all members of the IEP team have to be there unless I excuse them (which I don't want to). My son's school asked if his kindergarten teacher could just write a statement about him for the meeting. I said I wanted her there because she knows him well.

Am I being unreasonable in wanting the IEP during the time my son is in school? Is the onus on me to find childcare and accommodate the school administration? I am trying to not be difficult. Also, we did have an IEP at the school last year and they did allow my chosen kindergarten teacher to come to the meeting so they must have had made arrangements. This year it seems impossible.

Many thanks,

Pui Burmahln

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