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Hi all,

A blindness related reframe for this topic... 

What ways have other parents used to teach their blind/partially blind children about healthy foods? As a blind adult, I wish I had learned more about nutrition growing up. Some things I learned like other kids did, info about fruits/veggies etc., but other facts about every-day foods come from printed info that sighted people see.

It can be challenging to know for sure what is and is not healthy when you cannot easily read food packaging. There are several assistive tech options for reading food labels, but I've tried many of them and they're inconsistently helpful at best. For example, one may learn that yogurt is good for you, but if you read yogurt packaging, one learns that this is not always true depending on the brand. 

My tip to parents would be to share bits of info with your kids about what you've read from the food packages their eating from. Other kids can read these facts if they look, but our blind kids miss this info. And over a lifetime of missing nutrition info, it's harder to know what's what as an adult.  

What are others' experiences with this topic? I'm curious.


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At 12:53 PM 5/7/2015, you wrote:
>Parents should advocate for their kids to have some time on the 
>playground during the day.  Schools have been working to provide 
>healthier options for their students at lunchtime.
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