[blindkid] Input for IEP Online Public Charter School

scduffley at aol.com scduffley at aol.com
Fri May 8 14:24:15 UTC 2015

Hi Friends,  I am embarking on unchartered waters with an IEP with an online program.  Does anyone have experience with this or could guide me to someone I can consult with?  I was unable to google anything helpful.

  I am presently homeschooling my first year and just found out that he can now go to full time public charter status.
  I gave them a notice of going full-time public charter (thus overseen by the local middle school)  46 days ago and the next meeting is to "talk" about it with a team without any type of proposal next week.  I am frustrated they waited until this crazy time of year and I wanted to look at ESY where he can attend a program for the summer.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Christine Duffley
mother of Christopher who is in 7th grade currently


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