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Hi Gail,My boys ( VI twins) took the ACT on a Saturday, but not the same Saturday as the rest of the school.  I contacted the  High School's Special Education Administrator and let her know the boys wanted to take the ACT exam.  She asked us to give her a window of when we could bring them for the exam.  She said it takes a few months to order the materials in braille or large print.  She then gave us a date for the exam.  On their IEP, we had accomodations for state and district exams which included exams such as the ACT.  On certain parts of the test, they were allowed extra time, as stated in the IEP.  It went really well.  They took the exam twice.  We had to pay the normal amount required for the test.  I don't know if it is the same everywhere, but this is how it went for us.  Good luck!


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I have a question about ACT and SAT exams. How and where do your students take their SAT exams? Do they go in on a Saturday like all the other students? Who administers the braille exams? Just looking for other opinions and to see how it is done.
Thanks so much, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Gail Wagner, TVI Albuquerque NM
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