[blindkid] The BuzzClip: Wearable Technology for the Blind

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Fri Oct 23 21:01:36 UTC 2015

Hi Alison,

It is meant to to be used along with the cane or guide dog if you are 
currently a cane or guide dog user. It helps detect things waist and 
above, things like low hanging branches, signs, open cabinet doors.

We put a lot of effort on the design of the Buzzclip aside from it's 
function. The Buzzclip is slightly larger than a lighter. The enclosure 
is made entirely of aluminum so that it is water resistant and durable 
and also very aesthetically pleasing. The devices consists of 3 main 
sections, a sensor arm that is circular and smaller than the size of an 
iPod nano in terms of area and just a little bit thicker. it is 
connected to the battery enclosure by a metallic spring clip that is 
similar to the ones on pocket knifes and multi-tools. The Battery pack 
is in the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges and is roughly the 
size of a USB drive. The micro-USB charging port is on the side of the 
battery pack. At the back of the sensor is the vibration motor arm with 
is elevated from the battery pack. The entire unit has a finish that is 
similar to the look and feel of the Apple TV remote. When it is worn, 
the only portion that will be exposed is the sensor arm.

The Buzzclip is not just another ultrasonic proximity detector. The fact 
that it is wearable and hands free makes it applicable in a lot more use 
cases. Some of our testers have been using it in line ups at coffee 
shops to determine when the line is moving forward. Some of them have 
been using it as a way finder in tight spaces by walking in the 
directions where the Buzzclip doesn't detect anything. Some have been 
using it as security by attaching it behind them, they would know 
someone is sneaking up on them if the Buzzclip detects something coming 
towards them and they don't hear anything. Some have found it useful as 
they would be able to tell if the person they are conversing with got up 
to get water and when they get back. It provides extra information on 
the surrounding passively and users are constantly finding new ways to 
use this extra information.

Best Regards
The iMerciv Team.

On 2015-10-23 12:55 PM, Allison Hilliker via blindkid wrote:
> Interesting. Is it meant to be used in place of or along with a cane?
> Also, what does it look like? I didn't see a description on the Indiegogo page. I notice that this info is often missing from descriptions of any AT marketed to blind people, even though we care about what things look like. Especially things that are meant to be worn.
> Best,
> Allison
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> Dear Readers,
> We wanted to share with some information with you about a new revolutionary product that could really change the lives of people living with vision loss all over the world. The BuzzClip is currently live on Indiegogo and while our campaign is promoting this cool new technology, it also has a big social cause attached to it. For more information please check out our campaign page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-buzzclip-wearable-ultrasound-for-the-blind/x/11673979#/ <https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-buzzclip-wearable-ultrasound-for-the-blind/x/11673979#/>
> Our device has been street tested here in Toronto, as well as the U.S and India by hundreds of visually impaired individuals.
> We have working units at many organizations within Toronto that have been testing our device with their clients and the response thus far has been amazing. You can watch the BuzzClip in action or hear what some of our users have to say about it on our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSnwSwEYIMD-bs8xOZM4tIQ <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSnwSwEYIMD-bs8xOZM4tIQ>
> It would be great if you could share this information with anyone who would benefit from using a device like this or anyone who may want to order one for family and friends. With the support of the public, we can build a better product and can have them in the hands of people that truly need them as early as the spring of 2016.
> Please contact us if you have any questions and we really look forward to hearing from you.
> Thank You & Best Regards,
> The iMerciv Team
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