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I was asked to share the below announcement.  I have no further information.
If you are able to help, please contact the adoption agency directly.



Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, a nonprofit adoption agency with 26 years'
experience in international adoption, is seeking homes for Mia, a three year
old blind girl from China.   Mia is described as smiley and extroverted.
She was abandoned when she was just one month old.  Mia has congenital
retinal degeneration, which means she is basically blind although she has
some light sensation.  She is not walking yet but she can scoot around in a
baby walker.  She's babbling but is not saying many words.  Mia can locate
the directions of sounds and likes when people play with her.  She giggles
when she is tickled and enjoys listening to music and playing with dolls.
Can your family help Mia become all that she can be?


Eligible families are between 30 - 55 years old, married or single, who are
employed and financially stable.  One two-week trip overseas is required.


Please contact me for more information about adopting Mia.



Linda Perilstein

Executive Director

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center






Sharon Maneki, President

National Federation of the Blind of Maryland



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