[blindkid] {Disarmed} Fall in Love with Chemistry using Happy Atoms.

Heather Field missheather at comcast.net
Fri Aug 5 21:56:15 UTC 2016

Hi all,
I haven’t had a chance to test the app for accessibility, but this concept looks very cool for blind students interested in chemistry, and even for those who aren’t that interested but who have to study it as part of their science curriculum.
See the e-mail below. Unfortunately, the equipment isn’t available yet so I can’t comment personally.
However, it looks very promising.
Heather Field

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Subject: Fall in Love with Chemistry using Happy Atoms.

                              "The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, 
                              but the way those atoms are put together." 
                              - Carl Sagan, scientist and author 
                              Can we help children see the beauty in chemistry?

                              With Happy Atoms we can! But don't take our word for it. Check out the video below to hear what students have to say about this new and unique educational tool that will transform the way chemistry is taught, learned, and understood. 
                              What is Happy Atoms?

                              Happy Atoms is a collaboration between Schell Games, the game development company that came up with the idea, and Thames & Kosmos, a leading manufacturer of science kits for kids of all ages. It's a molecular modeling system that bridges the analog and digital worlds: 
                                a.. Kids ASSEMBLE molecules from plastic atom models that connect easily with magnets. 
                                b.. They SCAN their creation using the included app and the camera on their smartphone or tablet. 
                                c.. The app IDENTIFIES the molecule built using image recognition technology and provides more information about it, including its composition, usage, properties, and much more. 
                              Sounds great! How can I get it?

                              Last month we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to build a community for Happy Atoms and to reach educators and students who can benefit from it. So far, the campaign has provided over 300 students and educators with the opportunity to pre-order their own Happy Atoms sets at up to a 38% discount, and there's still time for you to do the same! Head over to the campaign page to receive some amazing perks. Highlights include: 
                                a.. Complete 50-atom set for $129 (19% off retail price of $160!) 
                                b.. Introductory 17-atom set for $49 (18% off retail price of $60!) 
                                c.. Educator's Bundle for $459 (5 Complete Sets for 36% off retail price of $720!) 
                              So, water you waiting for?! (Oh yeah, you can also get a water molecule for $10!)

                              All backers will receive their perks even if we don't meet our campaign goal. Now's the time to get your set at a discount that won't be available when the campaign ends! Don't delay!  
                              Pre-Order Happy Atoms on Indiegogo!  
                              ABOUT HAPPY ATOMS

                              Happy Atoms is a molecular modeling system that bridges the analog and digital worlds. You can assemble your own molecular models using a set of 50 atoms representing 16 different elements. Then, the included app uses state-of-the-art vision algorithms to recognize the molecules you've created and provide information about them. The app takes you on guided quests to discover new molecules and tracks your progress, collecting sets of molecules that you've built and explored. Check out a video here!  
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