[blindkid] Braillists

Traci W traci.mwd at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 18:01:52 UTC 2016

Question - how is push in by a Braillist determined when it is not stated
in the IEP for this type of push in need.

I know here at the Middle if a teacher would like someone to help out, like
Science, one of us Braillists will push in to help go over detailed
diagrams, etc, if the TVI has to be with another student.

Can I lean on the IEP if I can't get braillist support off of my kids?  My
kids don't want them there and neither do I, but they won't listen to my
request for them not to be in the classroom. I feel they are a
distraction.  I know the teacher likes them there for additional support
(her first year with a braille student, but the year is over half over, I
would hope the teacher can handle it on her own now.)


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