Haley Dare haley.dare at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 22 17:21:43 UTC 2016

 Attention Michigan Parents!

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) in Michigan is looking to
reorganize and revitalize its state chapter and we need your assistance to generate ideas,
provide leadership, or just be available to share experiences and hope with other parents.
The NOPBC is a division of the National Federation of the Blind, a well-known organization
that breaks down barriers while creating opportunities and maintaining high expectations
for blind people. We would like to see NOPBC-MI become active in our communities by
becoming more visible to encourage training in nonvisual skills for all blind/low-vision kids,
creating face-to-face interaction between the sighted and the blind, and promoting our
organization through teaching and learning...and fun events, too!

Are you looking for information on programs that could help your child improve their cane
training or braille reading? Would you like to surround your blind child with blind adults
who are successfully living their lives on their own terms? Do you have a partially-sighted
or low-vision child and you want to know if he/she should be learning nonvisual skills?
NOPBC can provide answers to your questions, guidance on finding helpful programs in
your state, and encouragement from other parents.

My name is Haley Dare and I am the coordinator and contact person for NOPBC-Michigan
and the parent of a low-vision child. My son, Aron, is 10 years old and has severe amblyopia,
strabismus, and visual processing disorder. He currently reads in large print, but is learning
to read in braille...it’s THAT important! He also carries a long, white cane (yep, also VERY
important!) that he utilizes most when it is too bright or too dark for his personal comfort. I
would like to encourage you, help you find resources, and get involved with NOPBC-MI. I
am available to chat with you by telephone at 269-372-2594 or you can contact me by email at
haley.dare at yahoo.com . If you cannot connect with me by phone, please leave me a
message...I will get back with you!

If you want your blind child to meet competent blind adults and other blind/low-vision kids
who may become special friends, NOPBC will help them feel that they are not alone and that
they, too, can be okay with being blind and can gain confidence to know that they can still do
anything they want to. Help us create a more positive understanding of and raise
expectations for blind kids and their families by joining NOPBC-MI today!

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