[blindkid] {Disarmed} Information wanted: Adopting older blind boy: has anyone here done it?

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Hi all,
I’m passing this e-mail on from another list. I’m hoping someone on this list can share their experiences and encourage the family to proceed with the adoption.
Please reply to the person who wrote the e-mail, since I’m only forwarding the e-mail and don’t know anyone involved.

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Subject: [Blindhomeschooler] Adopting older blind boy: has anyone here done it?



I am wondering if anyone with experience in adopting an older blind boy would be able to give me a little insight into what it has been like, specifically in joys and difficulties.

A family I am speaking with is considering a Chinese boy, age 13, and I would like to help them be realistic as they consider this adoption. Their expectation would be to homeschool him, though right now, that is not the primary question.

Also, if you're willing to speak to this family by phone, you could reply to me privately with your number, and your permission for me to pass it on.

Thank you very much for any help you can give us.



Posted by: goforwand22 at yahoo.com 

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