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I know this is a long shot, but there is a dear boy I met in China in November who is about to lose his chance to ever have a family. He was in process of adoption, but now his would-be family is no longer moving forward. Due to his age (13), this is extremely urgent, as Chinese orphans are not able to be adopted once they turn 14. Depending on the adoptive family's situation, adoption grants of between $4,000-10,000 are available, with more a possibility. Please share this if you know of anyone who might be even a little bit interested. If you contact me, I can direct you to the grants available and to the people you'd need to speak with.

Here is the Facebook post from his orphanage:

Jimmy at Bethel is again looking for a family (for reasons having nothing to do with him). He will age out in JULY, so we have limited time to find him a family!

Jimmy is quiet and shy, but once he gets to know you he's a loyal friend. He is an accomplished piano player and it's been wonderful to see him blossom with his music. He is smart and tries hard in school. His best subjects are math and language, but he is competent in all areas. He can get around on his own and has good mobility skills. Jimmy has been living in our City Life Project for the last few years in an apartment with the other older Bethel boys. Even though he's one of the oldest kids, he doesn't mind showing affection and giving his Bethel mama a hug. Let's find him a family!



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