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Does she have a desktop computer with screen reading software? Or a laptop?
If not, perhaps this might be something to look into since she will not be
able to do everything expected of her in college with an iPad alone--unless
things have changed drastically in the past few years. She should be
learning Microsoft office software, as most employers rely on this software
and provide employees with desktop and/or laptop computers. The other thing
that might be useful is a braille embosser for printing out hard copy
braille. Braille displays are fantastic--I use one everyday--but if I am
going to give a speech, or do many other tasks, there is just no substitute
for hard copy braille. Unfortunately, along with the cost of the embosser
comes the cost of the software which converts print documents into braille.
So I am not sure if $1000 will cover everything. If she has a braille
notetaker though, then she should be able to connect it directly to an
embosser, which would save on cost.
I hope this helps.

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I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a piece of equipment for
my 14-year-old daughter. 
She has a braille display, and a Victor reader, an  iPad, an iPhone, and an
iPod. What piece of equipment would you suggest we get for her with the cost
of around $1000? (She's a very fluent braille reader of 11 years. ) She uses
a braille note, iPad, laptop, Braille display, and a braille writer at
school, which is all theirs of course. 
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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