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More Products for the Blind and Sighted to Share!

  At Ambron Products, we have some new items which you can check out at our web site. (see below) The Yellow Pumpkin, another Butterfly Book by John Batron, is now available, just in time for Halloween reading and fun! It features Large Print and Braille on facing pages, and is in grade one, uncontracted braille, so beginning braille readers can enjoy it, whatever their age. Its especially nice for grandparents, parents and friends who may also be losing their sight, to be able to share with their kids and friends, blind or sighted,even if they have not learned all those contractions! 

  We also have available our first book, I am a Crayon. What Color am I? as well as 2 games, Quiddler and Quiddler Junior, for which we have brailled the instructions and cards. You can also learn more about them, and see and hear samples and the details, at our website.

  We hope you will check out these new products, and look forward to hearing from you! We also have another book, Wee Willie the Wiggleworm, possibly coming out toward the end of the year. Please use our contact information below for more information and to add your name to our mailing list so you will know what is available and when.

  Blessings, best wishes, and thanks for your consideration, Estelle and John

Ambron Products

2924 So. Ingalls Way

Denver CO 80227

email:  ambronproducts at gmail.com <mailto:ambronproducts at gmail.com> 

website  www.ambronproducts.com <http://www.ambronproducts.com> 


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