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hello list, my name is Candace. I live in Rochester New York. Recently a couple friends and I have started a chapter of the national Federation of the blind affiliate in Rochester. we have found ourselves growing, and are hoping to incorporate with a couple of the other affiliates in the state to make an upstate chapter of national organization of parents of blind children. At this time however it is not currently going. my husband and I are blind parents of two Visually Impaired children. my daughter is in kindergarten, and recently had a functional vision assessment done. It was determined that she will need braille instruction because functionally she will not be able to read print. 
this assessment was completed in November, but we were never given the information by the school district until yesterday. we have been scheduled for an annual review meeting earlier this week, and discussed switching my daughter to all braille instruction. The TV I would like to do 50% braille and 50% print. My fear, and the fear of the president of our NFB chapter is that when my daughter sees the print, she is more likely to want to do with her classmates are doing. she was given 15×3 for braille instruction since September. While her braille writing skills have improved significantly, her braille reading skills are at the same place they were before she entered kindergarten. The CSE chair thought that it was not important for her to be at this meeting, and they decided to table our meeting, and told me we may not see results until June. I would prefer if my daughter is going to be behind, that she be behind in kindergarten. we asked if we could get the meeting moved up, and the response we got is that she couldn't tell her supervisor what to do. 
in the function no vision assessment there was also a request for an assessment for adaptive technology use. That is not been requested, or completed. therefore, at the moment they have switched my daughter to 60 minutes five times a week for vision instruction. however, we did not get her wish to switch to only braille. Division teacher has agreed to give my daughter all material in print and braille. 
I guess I am coming to you all asking for best idea is to support my daughter at home, and to express my frustration at being pushed aside.  

please feel free to ask any follow-up questions, and thank you for any advice or thoughts you might have!
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