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Dear Deborah,

On behalf of Benetech and our Bookshare program, I want to thank you for
taking action to support Bookshare funding last fall. Now we urgently need
your help again! Why? Bookshare funding remains in jeopardy as the new
Congress considers the budget for both the 2017 and 2018 fiscal years. Your
representative and senators need to hear from you AGAIN. Please act now and
ask them to support Bookshare as they consider programs to receive federal

As you may recall, the House of Representatives proposed a FY2017 funding
bill that would, in effect, defund Bookshare. In recent months, we have
worked with Bookshare supporters in specifically targeted states and
districts to advocate for funding of the program that funds Bookshare, known
as the Educational Technology, Media, and Materials Program. We need your
help again to enlist the support of your members of Congress.
mOdMZa71p-OXp25Ib6a5bgVSVMeGawQ5WEj8GLpAxnemEnm8u5VJeHBQOiG2ehw&lp=0> Please
ask your Members of the House of Representatives and Senate to preserve
funding for the Educational Technology, Media, and Materials Program.

Hearing from constituents is crucial for Members of Congress-it can often
mean the difference between their support for a program or not. So, we need
your help! Please use this link to send a letter to your senators and
S4LZNGote-OJ130ttDf8Z_oHIltvwfjysOI81wbE0McFalvaDCKFZPnS9Gxw_YQ&lp=0>  We
encourage you to customize these letters by including information about the
impact Bookshare has had for your child or in your school.

This is a critical time for Bookshare, and your help is essential to ensure
that the program will continue. Thank you for your continued support, and do
not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. 

Jim Fruchterman


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