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Hello Heidi, 

My son has the same question regarding the AP test. The SAT (also, as I am sure you're familiar, administered by the College Board) is now provided in a screen reader accessible format, and my son's eligibility letter says that he will be able to use a computer for the AP and when my son or I call the SSD office they say he will be able to use a computer with a screenreader for the AP, but when the school testing coordinator called the SSD office they told him that my son must use a reader and a scribe for the European History AP exam, both on the multiple choice and the essay. This coming week my son will attempt to meet with the school testing coordinator and request that they call the SSD office together to see if they can get the screenreader accommodation worked out. So, we are in the same boat. 
I asked this question on the NOPBC Facebook group page and I received a lot of responses and you might want to look at them. I am an administrator on the group so I will try and watch for your request to join and I will accept you; I don't see you listed as a group member. 
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  1. AP test (hpscheffer at aol.com)
Hello, have any on this list had your kid take an Advanced Placement AP test in accessible format for JAWS? We have been running into walls with the College Board and they only are approving a reader/scribe instead of an accessible format, we don't want to settle on this.
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