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Deborah Kent Stein dkent5817 at att.net
Thu Nov 9 19:37:26 UTC 2017


The folks at Ambron Products have asked me to distribute the following announcement.



We are having a "Going out of Business" sale!!  The following items will sell for $5 each, plus $1 for shipping and handling as long as they are available:

  I am a Crayon. What Color am I?  by John Batron - book is print and braille with tactile pictures - may be used as a coloring book - retail price was $14.

  The Yellow Pumpkin  by John Batron - a fun Halloween story - with braille and print on facing pages  so the blind and sighted can share - with nontactile pictures, but have braille descriptions of the pictures - retail price was $20

  Wee Willie the Wiggleworm  by John Batron - in large print only, with nontactile, colorful pictures - retail price was $15. We are currently putting together a braille companion for this book, hopefully with tactile pictures which will probably sell for $10 each. We also have handmade finger puppets of the two main characters which we can add to the purchase of a book for an additional $5 each.

  You may check out these items at our web site:  www.ambronproducts.com <http://www.ambronproducts.com> 

  You may contact us for updates and more information at:  ambronproducts at gmail.com <mailto:ambronproducts at gmail.com>   or 303-789-7538

  Best wishes and thank you for your interest, Estelle and John at Ambron Products

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